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SASP_GymnasticsPractice_RiverCity_16Sep14_1643 - 1970-L
SASP_GymnasticsPractice_RiverCity_16Sep14_1730 - 3092-L
SASP_GymnasticsPractice_RiverCity_16Sep14_1642 - 1963-L
Brandon - Level 8 Men's Team
SASP_GymnasticsPractice_RiverCity_16Sep14_1642 - 1968-L
Andrew - Level 6 Men's Team

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Why Gymnastics?

The benefits of gymnastics for children are physical, emotional, and developmental. It helps create strength, friendships, improves confidence, and teaches responsibility. Through this a natural drive is created within the child; that is crucial for all ages.

Participation in gymnastics also helps children become physically active and stay healthy. Taking part in any exercise significantly reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in adulthood.


Gymnastics provides the children an opportunity to learn about social skills like listening, following directions, being patient, taking turns, and respecting others.


Founded in 2009, S.A.G.A Gymnastics was a private gymnastics club. Over the years our program has developed one of the biggest Men’s gymnastics teams in San Antonio. Our humble beginnings have turned into a highly competitive Junior Olympic team on the state, regional, and national level.

From our inception, S.A.G.A has produced multiple state and regional champions. The competitive team travels all over the United States. S.A.G.A prides itself on quality programs and has a certified professional coaching staff.

With flexible hours and small classes, we ensure each child receives the best training possible. We offer a variety of classes from beginner to advanced levels: Toddler classes (4 – 5 years), recreational tumbling, recreational boys’ & girls’ gymnastics, along with a competitive team for boys’ and girls’. S.A.G.A also provides the opportunity with private lessons (one-on-one classes).

Our mission here at S.A.G.A, is to provide a safe and professional environment for our community, by training not just champions in the sport; but champions in life.

Holiday Breaks & Event Closures

Military City Invitational (Friday December 15th - Sunday December 17th) - Event Closure

Christmas Day (Monday, December 25th) - Close

New Years (Monday, January 1st) - Closed

Upcoming Events

Military City Invitational - December 15th - 17th

(Friday - Sunday)

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