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General Class Information

Meet once a week

Low Student to Coach Ratios

On-going registration

Classes are year-round

$30 annual registration fee

$80.00 a month tuition for 55 min. classes (4 classes, 1 class per week)

10% off class tuition for siblings.

30 day notice must be sent by email required to drop from classes.


Super Tots - Ages 3 - 5 years old (Co-ed)

Tumbling - Ages 5 and up (Co-ed)

Boy’s Gymnastics - Ages 5 and up

Girl’s Gymnastics - Ages 5 and up

Levels and Skills
(participants will learn the required skills in their level and progressions for the following level to transition from one class to the next more easily. After graduating from beginner level to intermediate or higher, we highly recommend adding at least one additional day to help children advance their levels.)


Vault - Straight Jump, Handstand Flatback

Bars - Pullup, Casts, Wall Pullover (spotted), Backhip Circle (Spotted)

Beam - Mount, Releve, Coupe, & Passe Walks, Arabesque, Straight Jump, Side handstand dismount

Floor - Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Straddle Roll, Handstands, and Cartwheels.


Vault - Dive Roll, Handstand Flatback

Bars - Glide Swings, Pullover, Backhip Circle, Squat on, Tap Swings

Beam - Split Jump, Front Handstand, and Side Handstand

Floor - Dive Roll, Back Extension Roll, Handstand Roll, Handstand Bridge -> kickover, Backbend -> kickover, backhand spring (spotted)


Vault - Front Handspring, Roundoff

Bars - Glide kip (low bar) squat on -> jump to high bar, glide kip (high bar), Fly away (Back flip off bar)

Beam - Cartwheel, Cartwheel Stepin, Roundoff, Back Walkover

Floor - Front Limber, Back Limber, Front Walkover, Back Walkover, Back handspring, Front Flip, Back flips and more

Pre-competitive Gymnastics

Preparing athletes for a competitive career in gymnastics.

Twice a week practice

Athlete must be evaluated and invited to this group by a competitive coach, requests must be made through the front desk.

For additional information on group training and prices, contact the front desk.

Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive levels for JD Girls 1 - 10 and Xcel Bronze - Sapphire

Competitive levels for JD Boys 4 - 10

Athletes will travel to various cities and states

Athlete must be evaluated by one of the team coaches or head coach to be placed on team. 

For additional information on group training and prices, contact the front desk.

The Benefits of Gymnastics: 

Strength – climbing on bars develops muscle strength.

Flexibility – improved range of motion through stretching and holding body positions.

Mental Focus – learning how to concentrate on a task and achieving goals.

Social Skills – taking turns, working with partners, sharing, making friends and acknowledging the accomplishments of others.

The Sport of All Sports – gymnastics prepares kids for all sports

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