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Our toddler program is a coed class. The primary goal of this class is working on the foundation of gymnastics. This includes their motor skills, body positioning, flexibility and strength in a fun environment.


GIRLS & BOYS Gymnastics


Our girls and boys classes will help build confidence and self-disciple by exposing the athletes to challenges. The challenges are overcome through continuous effort, support and encouragement from the coaches. 




Our tumbling program focuses primarily on the floor and trampolines. This curriculum is heavily based on the foundation gymnastics; the athletes participating in these classes will develop strength, flexibility, self-discipline, and body control.

All classes provided by SAGA gymnastics will provide the fundamentals up to advanced skills in gymnastics and tumbling.  

Private Lessons

These classes are taught by team coaches and can be one on one or up to three children in this class. (All children must have the same skill level)

For scheduling a class with a team instructor please contact the front office by phone or email.

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